BHEL SUPPLIERS ASSOCIATION was started in the year 2004 with the objective of promoting mutual co-operation, generate business opportunity and address common issues to a hitherto unrepresented group of small ventors of BHEL. Now, BSA has grown leaps and bounds and is now a firmly established association with about 128 members, spread over a wide area.

BSA has provided a forum for entrepreneurs of Ranipet area to discuss and evolve solutions to technical, commercial and social challenges that crop up in present day industrial climate in India. The association members meet twice a month regularly at the BSA office and interact with each other. Business activities related to BHEL, Ranipet are discussed and ways for an efficient and cost effective production plan for different jobs are debated on.

BSA strives to ensure the well being and social welfare of its members by providing group insurance for life cover and organizing regular medical check ups. Weddings and other family functions of the members are attended by one and all in the association, thus creating a social harmony and a feeling of togetherness.

BSA has its own independent trading wing named as REDS (Ranipet Engineering development Society) has assisted the members to source their consumables at the best market price.

BSA arranges regular visits to industrial exhibitions around the country for its members and also tours to power plants to expose and educate its members to the modernization of engineering machinery, processes and the tremendous business opportunity available in India.

The new building of the association was inaugurated in January 2009 at Ranipet. It is houses the consumable trading stores, meeting hall and the committee rooms.